Team Leadership

Capital Campaign Leadership Team Job Descriptions

frvaughanVisionary Leader: Fr. John Vaughan
Fr. John is the key leader of the capital campaign and the key communicator and influencer across the rest of the parish. 



etaliaferroCampaign Chair: Ernie Taliaferro
Ernie will be responsible for influencing and encouraging parishioners to support all campaign-related events. Furthermore, Ernie will serve as the key liaison between the staff and the rest of the parish. 
dwillisCampaign Coordinator: Diane Willis
Diane is responsible for assisting Steve McSwain, the campaign consultant from Generis at the parish level. 
   drenshawLead Gifts Director: David Renshaw
David, assisted by Zach Clark, Rick Ebelhar, Joe Hancock, Todd Stelmach & Drew Watson work closely with Fr. John, Ernie and Steve McSwain from Generis in identifying and in visiting those persons capable of making major gifts to the campaign.
lfulkersonVision Team Director: Lisa Fulkerson
Lisa is responsible for enlisting people to give personal testimony at Masses on Vision Weekend during the Public Phase of the campaign on October 2-3 and 9-10.
  rrumageMajor Event Director: Rosemary Rumage
Rosemary and her team of M’Alys Bowen, Sally Buford, Emily Johnston, and Mark & Patti Martin will be  responsible for coordinating the venues, food, decorations and other arrangements for campaign-related, parish wide social events for the capital campaign. 
meistersSpiritual Awareness Directors: Fred & Helen Meister
Fred and Helen and their team consisting of Judy Brandon, Steve & Kim Garvin, Tonja Gregory,  Sylvia Lovett, David McBride, and Don & Mary Weaver are responsible for creating a spiritual climate around the vision of our capital campaign. They have written a Devotional Guide that will encourage spiritual growth in generosity and hopefully  inspire all to make a pledge and gift to the campaign.
  mgrayCommunications/Marketing/Social Media Director: Matt Gray
Matt Gray, assisted by Elizabeth Barnstead, Jennifer Kaminski, Rollie Rhodes, and Nick Gray are responsible for working on all print, web, and video communications for the capital campaign.
jgarciaChildren, Student, Youth Director: Juanita Garcia
Juanita and her team (TBA) will help to ensure that children, youth, or students are a part of the campaign process also.