Letter from Father Vaughan

Letter from Father Vaughan

Dear Parish Family,
frvaughanThis is an exciting, even if challenging time for our parish faith community.  As you know, a decision to make some renovations to our worship space was made by parish leadership in 2017.  The process has been long and was delayed for a year by the COVID pandemic, but we are back on track and determined to see the project brought to completion.

Although there have been some alterations to our Church through the years, there have been no major updates since the Church was constructed in 1965.  The purpose of this effort is to beautify our Church, to give God the best we can and to make a few changes that bring our Church design more in line with the principles of Catholic liturgy today.  We want to prepare the Church for future generations.

On several occasions I have mentioned that this project is more than fund-raising, we are about faith-raising.  The renovation of our Church should symbolize our desire for on-going renewal of our faith.  It is my prayerful hope that our campaign and the enhancements in the Church will generate enthusiasm for continued growth of us all and a renewed commitment to the mission of the Church.

The parish feasibility study conducted by Generis last fall concluded that we can reasonably expect to raise between $2 and $2.5 million in three years.  In light of that, we have divided our project into two miles. Mile one, which includes everything planned for the Church interior can be accomplished for that amount.  Mile two includes a drive through canopy and another entrance into the Narthex (gathering space).  The second mile can be done at a later time or added on now if we are able to raise more funds.  We will only build what we can afford.

By now I hope you have seen the “fly through” video or the pictures produced by our architect.  The comments I have received about our plans have been very positive.

I have prayerfully determined to make a significant financial commitment over and above my weekly offering to the parish.  This will entail some sacrifice for me but I am committed to doing this because I love you and I am convinced that this will be something good for the parish.  I am convinced that God will not be outdone in generosity.  I invite you to join me and to make a generous financial commitment to this project as an expression of your faith.  We need everyone to give generously and encourage those who can do so to make an extraordinary gift.  Before making your commitment, prayerfully ask the Lord to guide your decision.

Thank you for your love of Christ and his Church and for your commitment to this wonderful faith family at Immaculate.  Let us continue to pray for one another and to ask God’s blessings upon our work.  May God give us the grace to RESPOND in a way that honors our past and commits us to the future.

Sincerely yours in Mary our Immaculate Mother,
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